TestimonialsI have many testimonials about how Young Living essential oils have improved my life; but one that I would like to share with you is how I am able to eliminate my allergy symptoms with Young Living essential oils!  First let me share with you that I used to suffer so much with allergies that I had to take allergy shots weekly.   Then when the doctor told me I could no longer self-administer these shots, and I would have to come into the doctor’s office every week to receive them, I decided to stop.  Of course, this was before I found Young Living.  I had to take a prescription medication, and still my allergies would be so bad that I would end up with upper respiratory infections two to three times a year, and I would have to take antibiotics to clear it up.  I would end up being sick for several weeks.  Then I discovered Young Living essential oils!  In my research, I discovered that lavender oil is a natural antihistamine.  It may sound crazy, and too simple to believe; but all I had to do was put a couple of drops of lavender in the palm of my hands, cup them over my nose and breathe deeply through the nose – allergy symptoms gone!  If my eyes were itching, as they usually were, I cupped my hands with the oil in them over my wide-open eyes and let the fumes go into my eyes – itching stopped!  On the rare occasion when I didn’t get to the lavender quickly enough and my nose would get stopped up, head congested, I would sometimes also use eucalyptus oil to clear my head, or peppermint.  Now Young Living has an amazing blend in a roll-on bottle called “Breathe Again”!  So, on the rare occasion when I might get a stuffy nose, this is my favorite – it has several types of eucalyptus oils in it.   I no longer get upper respiratory infections – haven’t had one in years – and I have Young Living to thank for that!      For additional testimonials, CLICK HERE.   Jackie McLaughlin

testimonials  Testimonials


Christina Wright’s Autism protocol-Complete Reversal of this condition..

Hi, my name is Christina Wright, and I have a 5-year-old son named Caleb who was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder NOS (Spectrum of Autism), Oppositional Defiant Disorder and ADHD. In Jan of 2012 we started using Young Living Essential Oils on Caleb…. We noticed a change the first night I applied Valor to him. Thirty minutes later he asked me to sing to him before bed– it was the first time in 3 years. That’s when I decided to take this to the next level and ordered supplements and oils that would help reverse all diagnoses.

We started off with Peace and Calming, Vetiver, Valor, Lavender, Citrus Fresh and Clarity.  We used these oils for the first 1.5 months and noticed a huge change.  Then we added six more oils so we could rotate them. Those oils are:  Cedarwood, Release, Juva Cleanse, Brain Power, Scared Frankincense, Frankincense and we added the supplements, Sulfurzyme and Immupro.

We had been doing this for a total of 3 months when I had a second speech assessment done (on his first assessment he was graded below average). He was now, after only 3 months, graded above average for speech and we are just waiting to have another diagnosis done to show all labels/diagnoses have been reversed.

How we apply/use the oils: *Peace and Calming we diffuse every night (about 8 to 10 drops) * 1/2 to 1 Immupro about 30 min before bed. *We give him 1/2 tsp of Sulfurzyme 2 to 3 times a day. *We apply six of the oils anywhere from 3 to 4 times a day…when he wakes up, late morning, mid afternoon and bed time. Caleb has told me where he likes his oils, so this is his protocol… *Vetiver and both Frankincenses on very top of spine rub upwards. *Valor, Brain Power and Cedarwood on spine and ears. (Always tickle the spine upwards first when applying oils to the spine). *Lavender and Release rubbed on his chest. *Citrus Fresh, Brain Power, Clarity, both Frankincense, Juva Cleanse on feet and especially the right big toe. (He is always up for a foot massage).

Young Living Essential Oils and Products have not only given us a Toxic free environment, they have also given us our son back, in only a few short months. My son would not go a day without his oils and he makes sure he has them with him at all times. We finally have peace back in our lives and we thought that day would never come…Thanks also to Terry Tillaart who showed us the way!

Reprinted with permission from Christina Wright.


Oral Surgery Testimonial   testimonials

My mom had oral surgery today at noon. I had her put copaiba in her mouth three times during the hour before. After surgery she started using it again every hour or two. At 8:00 p.m. she still had almost no pain, just soreness and almost no visible swelling. I am thinking the pain pills will not be necessary. Now, who else wants a bottle of Copaiba! lol …. my new favorite oil    Reprinted with permission from Dana Christisen


Testimonial from Chelsa Bruno:  How I got my LIFE BACK & Overcame Ulcerative Colitis

July 27, 2012

By, Chelsa Bruno

As I continue to move forward in this adventure we call Life, I have been asked numerous times for advice on what I did to keep myself in remission from Ulcerative Colitis.

So…Here’s my story.  In December 2009, I took 2 rounds of antibiotics for recurring UTIs.  Shortly after I started the 2nd antibiotic, I started experiencing excruciating abdominal pain and was having 20 bowel movements a day.  I immediately went to my Primary Physician and was diagnosed with C-Diff, which is a bacterial infection that could have been caused by the antibiotics.  I was put on 2 medications, but I NEVER got better!!  This lead to a very long 6 months of 25 different doctor appointments, 25 different medications, 10 days in the hospital, 4 colonoscopies, 3 upper endoscopies, and a capsule endoscopy.  I spent $2,500 in doctor and prescription copays.  I even had an UNECESSARY hernia repair!

FINALLY, in June I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, which is an autoimmune disease that causes chronic inflammation of the colon.  By the time I was diagnosed, 75% of my colon was inflamed and I had bleeding ulcers throughout my colon.  I was put on prednisone for 2 ½ months and was told I was in remission.

However, I still wasn’t ok!  I had developed acid reflux from the prednisone and frequently would lose my voice.  I was still taking 6 different medications daily.  I continued to have symptoms of light headedness, fatigue, weight loss (I lost 15 pounds in 2 months), abdominal pain with eating certain foods, and back pain from 2 herniated discs.

After barely dealing with these symptoms, I decided to see a holistic practitioner, Jihan Thomas. She changed my life FOREVER!!! I received emotional support because I had a constant fear of being sick again and hospitalized.  She gave me dietary recommendations, like becoming gluten free, dairy free, and increasing my intake of veggies and fruits.  Finally, I received Raindrop Therapy, a massage utilizing essential oils, which helped improve my physical and emotional issues.  I could actually feel my body detoxing after each session.  That’s when my curiosity about Young Living Essential Oils started!

TestimonialsI knew that if I truly wanted to get my life back I had to make some big changes.  I incorporated Young Living into my everyday routine.  I began using the entire Thieves line of products to create a “healthy home.”  I started taking Alkalime for my reflux once a day in the morning.  I also took Life 5 Probiotic at night to strengthen my colon.  Lastly, I took HERS vitamins 2x/day.  As far as using essential oils, I used Valor and Thieves on my feet daily to help my back and prevent sickness. DiGize was applied to my stomach as needed for any stomach discomfort.  I used Peace and Calming on my wrists every night to help me sleep.  If I felt a sickness approaching, I made my own “antibiotic pills” using essential oils.  I used Dr. Friedman’s recipe of 2 drops of Frankincense, 12 drops of Thieves, and 6 drops of Oregano.  I took these pills 2x/day until I felt better.

Since going to convention in June 2012, I made some changes to my daily routine.  Instead of taking HERS vitamins, I switched to 2 testimonialsounces of NingXia Red with 1-2 drops of Sacred Frankincense.  Currently, researchers are discovering that Sacred Frankincense may be helpful for people with inflammatory diseases.  Therefore, I may start ingesting capsules of Sacred Frankincense daily.  For now, I’m adding a couple of drops to my NingXia Red.  I continue to take Alkalime and Life 5 Probiotic daily.  I still use Valor and Thieves daily and other oils depending on my daily needs.  My new favorite oils are Abundance and Release.

I’m thrilled to report that I’ve been in remission from Ulcerative Colitis for the past 2 years and counting!!  Young Living Essential Oils have given me back my life and now I enjoy spreading the word and educating others to regain their health!

Thanks to Chelsa Bruno for sharing this powerful testimonial. :-)

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